A bit about me

First and foremost; a) I am not a ranter b) I am not a moaner and c) I am not a militant member of the LGBT community.

The name of my blog may suggest I am one of, or all of, the above. I have never properly attended a pride march, been on a rally or signed a petition. I do not feel marginalised in my day to day life because I am a member of the LGBT community.  In fact, I live a very ‘normal’ life; I have been married to my wife for just over a year,  we own our house, we have two cats, we are both teachers.  Norwich is safe city in which to be gay where I can confidently hold my wife’s hand.

My sexual orientation never phased me. Luckily,  there was never an inner turmoil or dialogue of denial; I accepted who I am in my late teens and felt more comfortable in my own skin at university.  I have a varied circle of friends, an accepting family and am out with colleagues at work.  Our wedding was attended by everyone from grandparents in their eighties to toddlers and both mine and my wife’s families are excited and supportive of the journey we are embarking on to become parents.

After reading the above you may think that giving myself the name ‘The Gutsy Gay’ is somewhat misplaced.  Yes, I have just painted the picture of someone who is contented and secure, which I am, but there are many injustices and inequalities in life that I think are misunderstood or just not seen by many.  This blog is for anyone who is passionate about gender equality, LGBT rights and political injustice.  It will offer thoughts, opinions and pose questions about modern western society.  The Gutsy Gay has been an idea for well over a year and I hope you are all able to enjoy reading my blog as much as I will enjoy writing it.