The problem with Jenny’s Wedding 

I think most members of the LGBT community like to watch films or tv shows, from time to time, that represent their lifestyle. My wife and I sat down on Friday night and watched Jenny’s Wedding.

This is a tale of a woman, Jenny, who decides to get married to her female partner after a five year relationship. However, her parents do not know they are in a relationship and think they are just housemates. When Jenny discloses her sexuality to her parents they do not react well and the stereotypical ‘how did we not know?… You have changed as a person’ ensues. The focus of the film is the parents coming to terms with their daughter’s sexuality and has a happy ending of acceptance that culminates in a very traditional wedding.

The film deals with the difficulties that some people face in talking to their families about their sexual orientation and,unlike so many LGBT films, has a happy ending.  Jenny shows strength of character to stand up to her family’s negativity, especially in the scene at a neighbour’s funeral. However, the film gives far too much airtime to those characters who hold negative opinions of Jenny’s lifestyle; it is important to acknowledge that some people have a difficult experience when coming out but the film was far to fixated on the struggle of her parents.  The main climax of the film was her parent’s acceptance when it should have been the love shared between Jenny and Kitty or the couple starting a family. Throughout the film we were given no information about the couple and their relationship so were unable to relate to them. We wanted to understand how their relationship began and the struggles Jenny faced throughout the five years whilst hiding her lifestyle from those closest to her.

As a member of the LGBT community I watch films like this to see my life represented and to relate to the characters. Whilst Jenny’s Wedding was an improvement of some other films I have seen it still fell far short of representing my life. 

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