Getting my blogging mojo back

I started this blog just over a year ago. At that time I felt low and anxious after missing out on a promotion at work and needed a way of coping. The idea of a blog had been in the pipeline for a while but there was always a reason to not: work is really busy; I should be using my free time to exercise instead; what if students find out my identity… this list goes on.

Last January I needed an outlet, something only for me. It was the perfect time to start writing; I had lots of ideas, lots of things I wanted to say. I threw myself into the blog setting up twitter and instagram accounts and a facebook page. Soon I had started to connect with people across the globe and my writing diversified: politics, LGBT, gender and fertility treatment.

Fast forward 6 months or so and I was feeling better, my head was in a better place and I had made peace with events at work; the blogging slowed down. That coping mechanism was no longer needed. I thought about my blog often and started lots of posts but very few got to the stage where I was ready to publish.

As 2018 began I decided that I wanted to get my blog back up and running, whilst it was no longer needed as a coping mechanism it was something I wanted to do, something I enjoyed. The words didn’t flow, I found other things to do with my time.

This post is about drawing a line under the silence. I have things I want to write about and I have my blogging mojo back. Being ‘gutsy’ doesn’t just have to be about making statements it can be about celebrating the positive and 2018 is certainly set to be an exciting year.

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