Thank you is not enough

Precisely 3 months ago (if you are reading this at 02.31 on the 21st August 2018) Mrs GG gave birth to our wonderful son AD: in that moment, in the blink of an eye, our lives changed forever. For this we owe so much to a man we have never met and only know basic details about. This post is a letter of thanks to this mystery man who has given us everything we wanted.

Dear Sir,

This seems a rather formal way to start a letter to a man who is the biological other half of our son but I don’t know your name and “Dear Sperm Donor’ didn’t feel quite right.

On the 21st May 2018 at 2.31 in the morning, after an intense and somewhat complicated labour, my wife gave birth to our son by emergency forceps delivery. We didn’t know we were having a boy and, after the surgeon’s second ferocious tug, he held this wriggling baby in the air and said “So what do we have here?”. All I remember is seeing these huge red balls and thinking “Good God, are they normally that large?!”. What an adventure these last few months have been: dirty nappies; a sickness bug; midnight feeds; smiles, cuddles, gurgling. We have loved it all.

Becoming a parent can be a complicated process and, as a same-sex couple, the lack of an essential ingredient was our obvious problem. When we first stepped into the fertility clinic in September 2016, holding our baby in our arms felt like a moment far in the future. We were given the choice of two sperm donors and your profile was the one we were immediately drawn to; we were moved by the information you had chosen to include revealing your personal reasons for wanting to help people like us, plus your interest in sport was a bonus as my wife is hardly blessed in that area and we needed to give the poor kid a chance on sports day.

Donating sperm to allow a couple to start a family cannot be an easy decision. A simple process but one that has potential implications for your existing family. It is likely I will never meet you in person to look you in the eye and thank you, but we will be forever grateful to you for this selfless act.

We are excited for the what the future holds: the person he will be; the ambitions he will have; the paths he will travel down. We await the adventures of the coming years with gratitude and will never forget your part in AD’s creation.

From the eternally grateful,

Mrs and Mrs GG

One thought on “Thank you is not enough

  1. That’s a really beautiful letter. It is so odd to think that a stranger has been part of what made your family possible. We’re looking at sperm donors at the moment and hopefully we’ll be your position in the not too distant future!


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